Experimental IPA Blend (V3) [11lbs]

Experimental IPA Blend (V3) [11lbs]

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Experimental IPA Blend (V3)

Sensory Notes: Orange, Berry, Sweet Grape

Series: Barn Quilt Blend

Version: 3.1

This is the third release of our Experimental IPA line. Experimental IPA Blend (V3) features bold amounts of orange aroma, with notes of berry and sweet grape. This bushel of fruit was delectable in both West Coast and Hazy-style trials. Take it for a whirl and see what you can shake out of the bine tree!

Brewing Values

Certificate of Analysis: Click to View, Download, or Print

# %
# %
OIL (ml/100g)

Methods: Hops-14 Alpha and Beta Acids by HPLC; ICE-3, Hops-13 Essential Oil by Steam Distillation
Certifying Lab: Advanced Analytical Research (TTB Certified, Member AOAC; ASBC; BJCP)

Processing Information

Type: T-90 Pellets

2023 Average Pellet Exit Temp: 107° F

2023 Average Pellet Density: 496 g/L

Processing Facility: DATCP Licensed, Compliant

Packaging: 11 pounds per package; nitrogen flushed, vacuum sealed (hard pack) in aluminized-Mylar bags (5.0 mil thick, food-grade, high-barrier)

Storage: Stored at or below 5° F to preserve quality and freshness. Storage and orders are fulfilled from Wisconsin Rapids for optimum in-state shipping, and premium turnaround to the greater Midwest.

*Sensory notes are compiled from customer sensory analysis and distilled to provide common traits of this variety or unique traits identified in this particular lot.

*If you are interested is selecting single-origin lots, please contact us before the next harvest cycle (August/September).