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Sorachi Ace - 2021 [11lbs]

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2021 Sorachi Ace

Sensory Notes: High-alpha, Citrus, Grassy notes

Grower: AgDynamics, LLC

This is a single-origin lot grown in Arkansaw, Wisconsin.


Brewing Values

Certificate of Analysis: Click to View, Download, or Print

10.54 %
8.28 %
OIL (ml/100g)
4.10 (this is not a typo)

Methods: Hops-14 Alpha and Beta Acids by HPLC; ICE-3, Hops-13 Essential Oil by Steam Distillation
Certifying Lab: Advanced Analytical Research (TTB Certified, Member AOAC; ASBC; BJCP)


Processing Information

Type: T-90 Pellets

Max Pellet Exit Temp: 100° F

Processing Facility: DATCP Licensed, Compliant

Packaging: 11 pounds per package; nitrogen flushed and vacuum packed (soft pack) in aluminized-Mylar bags (5.0 mil thick, food-grade, high-barrier)

Storage: Stored at or below 20° F to preserve quality and freshness. Storage and orders are fulfilled from Wisconsin for optimum in-state shipping and premium turnaround to the greater Midwest.

*Sensory notes are compiled from customer sensory analysis and distilled to provide common traits of this variety or unique traits identified in this particular lot.

*If you are interested is selecting single-origin lots, please contact us before the next harvest cycle (August/September).